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Self Service


Even with the self service facility you can always make changes to the way you do your laundry.  Whatever works best you.  Our machines are easy to use, convenient but most importantly, they are cleaned and maintained regularly.

Self Service Wash
We offer single, double, triple and MEGA washers to clean any size load and rest assured that all machines are cleaned daily and maintained regularly!

Self Service Dry
Our dryers are ready to get your clothes dry quickly so you can be on your way.

Transfer Service
Got something important to attend to and can't stick around.  No problem!  Let a member of staff know which is your washing and we'll transfer your washing to the dryer for only $1.50. 

Transfer & Fold Service
Maybe that somewhere is going to take longer than expected.  No problem!  We'll not only transfer your laundry to the dryer but we'll fold it for you too, prices start at $9.

Forget Something?
If you forget your detergent or dryer sheets then just let us know as we have a variety of single serve packets available for purchase.

The Lounge
Kick back and relax on either of our sofas, read a book, listen to your music, email friends, just relax whilst our washers do all the hard work.  Standby for our flatscreens arriving later in the year too!

Kids Area
You'll be glad to know we haven't neglected our childrens needs when it comes to laundry.  They have their own lounge area with sofa, table, books, games and tv for cartoons...we can even arrange pizza delivery for you.

Free WiFi!
Available throughout our premises, just logon and stay in touch.  Oh! And it's for free (providing you 'like' our facebook page)!

Local Shops
If you find you need some fresh air or just somewhere to browse and pass the time then why not visit some stores that are within a 5 minutes walk:

  • Sumeria Coffee Shop - perfect for meeting friends
  • Antique shop on Ford Street
  • Victoria Hospice Thrift Boutique
  • Convenience stores and shopping right down the street


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